The NeoPhen team conducts technological research to develop new tools for processing physiological data that it applies to sleep-related diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders. Our research is conducted at the preclinical level in genetic and experimental mouse models, and at the clinical level in the Physiology, Psychiatry and Sleep Centres of the Robert Debré and Bichat hospitals.


Over the last two decades, mouse models, studied at various stages of postnatal development, have become essential to study normal or pathological brain development, to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of diseases, to develop neuroprotective treatments and to establish their functional effectiveness in vivo. At the clinical level, NeoPhen is developing data processing methods to allow the fine analysis of the physiopathology of sleep-related diseases.

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Sleep-related diseases: a major public health issue

The management and treatment of sleep-related respiratory disorders is a major public health issue, particularly during the neonatal period. Recently, important discoveries have been made to identify the neurological structures of respiratory rhythm generation in mice, opening the way to the development of new diagnostic and treatment tools. Furthermore, in recent years at the clinical level, new tools for advanced physiological signal processing have been developed.

Research objectives

Our objectives are :

  • to study the pathophysiology of sleep-related breathing disorders
  • to study the genetic determinants of respiratory control, and to identify the neurological supports, especially in pathological situations
  • to find and test biomarkers and drugs for sleep-related diseases

Ongoing research

Our work applies to research on several rare paediatric pathologies such as Ondine syndrome (CCHS) or Auriculo-condylar syndrome, as well as to sleep apnoea, narcolepsy, certain myopathies and sudden death in epileptic patients (SUDEP).

Recent publications

Team members

Our team is composed of experts in the fields of physiology, applied mathematics and physics, signal and video processing, mechanical, electronic and biomedical engineering, and preclinical and clinical drug testing. See a list of NeoPhen team members here !


Research programs

Sleep2Develop research program

Sleep2Develop research program

The Sleep2Develop program investigates the role of sleep as a promotor of neurodevelopment and identifies the sleep determinants of childhood development. This is rephrased as Sleep(to)Develop? or Sleep(to)Develop! Our sleep research combines clinical and...

Research program on CCHS

Research program on CCHS

CCHS is a disease characterized by a congenital impairment of the central control of breathing, associated with dysfunctions of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) (Gallego, 2012). At birth, patients have severe and persistent hypoventilation during sleep and a...

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